Our Approach

Our Pilates sessions are focused on precision movement in slow-motion flow, working your core and your stamina through smooth variations of postions, rotations, extensions, and lateral flexion. Through the class we working all the major joints of your body with focus of your posture and core.

Our Classes

We offer a variety of classes at different levels, and with different focus, which are suitable from beginners through to experienced practitioners. Please contact us if you require more information or for recommendation on what class we would be suitable for you.


Mum & Baby



Hard Core

Private Classes

We also offer Private classes for those of you who would like an indivual session customised for your speficic needs. We will provide advise what exercises are best suited to help you achieve your goals and will support you to perform the exercises correctly. As you progress, your exercises will increase in difficulty.


After many years with back problems I started doing Healthy Back classes with cPilates, and after a couple of months, I really saw the results. Now my back is better than it has been in a long time. Christina is very knowledgeble and helpful. I would highly recommend cPilates.

Paula, Wandsworth
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