Free 1:1 trial session

New antenatal and post natal classes starting 1st of May 9.30am at the OSO Art centre in the village of Barnes. After the class it’s a nice idea to take a morning coffee and chit chat with the other mums in the lovely cafeteria.

The 10 week course emphasise on getting strong, flexible and meet other mums to be or new mums. Discover relaxing breathing techniques for pregnancy, delivery and to sleep. Gently work on your pelvic floor muscles, core stability plus improve mobility in the hips and spine as your baby grows. And for postnatal mums strengthening tum, back and pelvis. Get your posture and alignment restored. You are welcome to bring your baby too.

Get your free 1:1 session now to join the class. Limited spaces.

Christina also takes on NCT groups who would like to arrange a class for your friends at your house or arrange regular classes at a venue you like.

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